Kham, Lithang

The building is constructed in a very distinct style of stone masonry. Large trapezoidal stones are laid at the corners. The round stones are carefully chosen and laid in regular courses, small stones alternating larger stones. The walls are load- bearing and enclose an interior timber post and lintel construction. All the wooden elements on the exterior and the interior of the house are of the same colour. The dark colour of the timber results from the treatment with a broth, which consists mainly of smashed charcoal, sour yoghurt and salt. A strong characteristic of the house is the slate stone covered sloped roof. The sloped roof is set on the shrine rooms (Tschü Khang). The sloped roof and the red shade of the stone used for the masonry reflect the sacred rooms to the exterior.

Lithang Dzong, Sumdu Villageཁམས་ལི་ཐང་རྫོང་གསུམ་འངུས་ཤང།

View on east and south elevation, August 2012 © HVA 2014

Ink drawing of carved shrine room window, 2013 © HVA 2014

Main entrance door with timber brackets overhang, 2012 © HVA 2014